An introduction to vacuum cleaners, together with information on their uses and working principles. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. It is given in this section. Please also review the list of the top 5 vacuum cleaner manufacturers along with their respective business rankings. As of April 2024, the following firms are the top-ranked vacuum cleaners: 1. Vacuum Company of America, 3. LIOIJ; 2. Qingdao Creation Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd.

How Do Vacuum Cleaners Work?

5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024
5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024

An air intake allows a vacuum cleaner, a cleaning instrument, to draw dirt and dust in.

A vacuum cleaner’s suction power and the amount of the dust it can capture (the holes’ diameter) determine how well it performs. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024

It is possible to argue that improved performance is associated with a filter’s capacity to draw in larger particles and filter them at lower sizes.

Commercial vacuum cleaners with 12–30 liter capacities and industrial vacuum cleaners with 30–170 liter capacities are the two types of vacuum cleaners that are available.

Utilizing Vacuum Cleaners

To remove harmful particles from the workplace, vacuum cleaners are mostly utilized in the food, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, precision instrument, electronics, construction, hotel, and office sectors as well as in the metal, automotive, concrete, and industrial waste industries.

A few instances of applications are as follows:

  • Steel mill and metalworking dust
  • Cleanup of industrial production
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Clean chambers in pharmaceutical factories and pharmaceutical plants
  • Laboratory clean chambers
  • Dust for ready-mixed concrete factories and workshops
  • Cleaning up demolition and renovation sites, bicycle parking lots, warehouses, and shells
  • Cleaning of peripherals, PC components, electrical components, and control components
  • Cleaning of workplaces, retail spaces, and structures
  • Maintaining artificial turf and gardens

Fundamentals of Vacuum Cleaners

There are three components to the vacuum cleaner:

  • An area of the intake (the air inlet) where dusty and dirty air enters.
  • The filter component, which is a dust catcher composed of filter material and which eliminates dirt and dust to let only clean air through
  • The vacuum cleaner, whose motor rotates to produce a little amount of suction.

Sludge, sponge, cartridge, and synthetic fiber filters are among the filters that are employed.

The vacuum cleaner’s blower, which is attached to a motor that spins more than 10,000 times per minute, exhales air out of the device similarly to a ventilation fan.

Consequently, a vacuum is produced when the vacuum cleaner’s internal air pressure drops below the ambient air pressure. Given that gas has the ability to transition from high to low pressure,

Dust and high-pressure outside air are drawn in at low pressure by the vacuum cleaner.

A dust bag (filter) with microholes is where contaminated air that has been drawn along the hose gathers. The filter lets through only clean air that can fit through the tiny pores, and

only dust remains in the filter after exiting again through the exhaust port.

01) Manufacturer of Mi-T-M

Vacuums, Wet/Dry

o Online store

o Established in 1971

o Iowa, United States

o Overview of the Company

  • Physical Address: 50 Mi-T-M Dr., Peosta, Iowa, USA Overview of the Manufacturer

5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. Located in Peosta, Iowa, USA, Mi-T-M is a producer and designer of industrial equipment, having been established in 1971. Its extensive product line consists of air compressors, heaters, generators, pressure washers, and more. In its production procedures, the firm uses advanced technology, such as robotic welders made by ASME, laser cutters, and powder-coat paint systems with seven stages. Significantly, Mi-T-M has obtained CSA certification as a testing facility. Its industrial equipment is widely used for a variety of purposes, such as power generation via generators and pressure washers for intense cleaning, among many others.

Vacuums, Wet/Dry: 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024

The Mi-T-M wet/dry vacuums are the best in their class and are intended for use in commercial and industrial settings. These vacuums come in three different sizes: 9 gallons, 13 gallons, and 18 gallons. They are made of high-impact polyurethane and are practically unbreakable.

When switching from one application to another, there is no need to replace the hydro flow filter because it is equipped for both wet and dry pick up. These vacuums are known for being among the quietest in the business and provide excellent cleaning performance.

Use this link to access our industrial/wet-dry vacuums at

02) Manufacturer Cecor Incorporated

Drum Top Sump Cleaner

o Online store

Wisconsin, United States

o Overview of the Company

  • Physical Address: 1000 James Ave., Belleville, WI 53108 USA Overview of the Manufacturer

Located in Belleville, Wisconsin, Cecor Incorporated was established in 1955 and is a producer of industrial maintenance equipment utilized by the machining sector. The firm sells a variety of goods, such as CNC cutting fluid dispensers, industrial dumping carts, and Sump Shark sump cleaners. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. These goods are made to make metalworking maintenance easier, safer, and faster to handle. In order to support and improve its products, the firm also provides a comprehensive line of components and accessories.

Drum Top Sump Cleaner

For businesses on a short budget looking to clear their sump or coolant tank of metal working fluid and sludge, CECOR offers its Drum Top Sump Sucker – Air Operated. The suction lift of this device is 12 hg (Mecury) or 163 l of water. Together with an oil-resistant 1/2′′ air hose that is 20′ long, this drum top has overflow prevention.

This is a great choice if your objective is to take a gentle approach to sump cleaning in order to get rid of the tiresome pail-n-shovel method. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. If you would want to make this air powered drum top sump sucker transportable, you might want to add our 55-gallon drum tank (TX-55PL).

  • With a CECOR drum top, you can turn almost any 55-gallon drum tank into a cost-effective sump sucker.
  • Use air to power the drum top components.
  • Fits over CECOR TX-55PL or regular open-ended 55-gallon barrels. It is simple to raise and transfer drum tops from one drum tank to another.
  • Use a high-suction lift to retrieve wasted coolant from machine tool sump pumps. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. (For information on pump out and filter capabilities, see our Sump Shark sump cleaner product line.)
  • Perfect for removing particles from fluids that have been embedded, as those in machine tool sump pumps.

This is the link:

3. Manufacturer EXAIR LLC

Chip Trapper System

o Online store

o Ohio, United States

o Overview of the Company

  • Address: United States of America, Cincinnati, Ohio, 11510 Goldcoast Dr. Overview of the Manufacturer

Founded in 1983, EXAIR is headquartered in the Cincinnati, Ohio, suburbs. Compressed air operated items are manufactured by EXAIR to address issues in industrial operations. Cooling, cleaning, coating, conveying, drying, industrial housekeeping, static reduction, and optimization are among the customer solutions that EXAIR handles. Vortex tubes, air amplifiers, air knives, ionizing devices, air wipes, static eliminators, vacuum generators, cabinet coolers for normal and hazardous locations, cold gun air coolant systems, and other accessories are among the items offered by EXAIR.

Chip Trapper System

A quick and simple method for removing chips, swarf, and shavings from old coolants and other liquids is provided by EXAIR’s patented* Chip TrapperTM. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. By sucking out the debris-filled coolant or liquid, the Chip Trapper collects all the solids in a reusable filter bag. Only pure liquid emerges from the pump. It is perfect for use on equipment that has sump pumps, parts washers, tanks, and polluted liquid storage containers.Patent No. 8153001

Caution: Avoid using this product with low-melting point materials or combustible liquids like mineral spirits, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, or alcohol.

Standards and Certifications for Chip Trappers

The EU General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC), OSHA’s safety regulations, and the EU Machinery Directive’s noise limitation criteria are all met by EXAIR’s Chip Trapper (2006/42/EC). Each and every sound level measurement is made three feet away.

On our website, look for this emblem to identify items free of conflict minerals. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. To stop the illegal trade in tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold in the DRC, EXAIR is dedicated to adhering to the conflict minerals law and supports Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. EXAIR is documenting their supplier chain and commitment to producing conflict-free products using the CMRT 3.02 template.

Manufacturer of Vac-Con

Vacuum trucks and equipment

o Online store

o Florida, United States

o Overview of the Company

Address: 969 Hall Park Road, United States of America, Green Cove Springs, Florida

Overview of the Manufacturer

Vac-Con Inc. is a Green Cove Springs, Florida-based company that was founded in 1986 and is entirely owned by its workers. It produces high-pressure and vacuum water cleaning solutions. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. It has produced approximately 90,000 specially designed machinery placed on trucks, and its products include industrial vacuum loaders, jet rodders, and combination machines. It produces over 30,000 unique parts for its machines and caters to global public and private environmental markets. It was the first business to create the Hi-Dump dumping system, which enables users to remove the tank from the site and empty it into a 60-inch-tall container.

Vacuum trucks and equipment


Your go-to source for heavy-duty machinery and industrial vacuum trucks is Vac-Con. Titan Machine, Single Engine Combination Machine, Dual Engine Combination Machine, X-Cavator, XX-Cavator, Industrial Vacuum Loaders, and many more heavy-duty equipment and vacuum trucks are among our extensive inventory. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. No matter how demanding the task or how unfavorable the working environment, you can count on our heavy-duty equipment and vacuum trucks to provide exceptional results that will exceed your expectations.

4. Vacuum trucks and loaders for industrial use

Many businesses in the mining, construction, oil and gas, safety, and environmental sectors utilize our vacuum trucks and loaders today. 5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. These devices are designed to tackle the most difficult tasks under the most extreme circumstances. They can be used for a variety of construction and industrial tasks, such as trash removal, hydro excavation, daylighting, exposing underground infrastructure, and sewage jetting. Additionally, a variety of additional oilfield tasks, like digging in cold weather and excavating piling holes, may be performed with our industrial vacuum trucks and loaders. They complete tasks fast, securely, and effectively and are very dependable. Actually, a large number of operators, contractors, and governments employ these vehicles for a variety of jobs in order to reduce operating costs. Our top-notch industrial vacuum trucks and loaders will save you time, money, and effort no matter what industry you’re in.


A variety of heavy-duty combination machines, such as Single Engine Combination Machines and Dual Engine Combination Machines, are available from Vac-Con. The way these machines operate is by seamlessly integrating vacuum loader and water excavation systems to provide you the best value without sacrificing power, performance, or convenience of use.

Combination machine using a single engine:

5 Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in 2024. Hydrostatic drive is used by the Single Engine Combination Machine to power the water and vacuum system. However, each system may be used separately for a variety of purposes. This allows you to maximize flexibility without compromising effectiveness.

Combination machine with two engines:

With its two engines, the Dual Engine Combination Machine can tackle even the most difficult and intricate tasks. Additionally, the design of this combined machine minimizes wear and tear while maximizing fuel efficiency. The Dual Engine Combination Machine is capable of handling any excavation task, regardless of its strength, in a creative and effective manner.

X-Cavators and XX-Cavators are hydro excavators.

Additionally, the X-Cavator and XX-Cavator, two of our high-caliber and technically advanced Vac-Con Hydro Excavators, provide the best blowers, pumps, and control systems available. Without a doubt, these devices are the greatest for hydro excavation work. Without causing any harm, the X-Cavator can securely excavate around underground utilities. The XX-Cavator is capable of functioning under harsh weather conditions. You can be confident that the hydro excavators will perform an outstanding job whether you plan to use them for trenching, excavation, or daylighting.

Speak with Us Now

Contact Vac-Con now to learn more about our heavy-duty equipment and industrial vacuum trucks, or if you would like to buy any of the machines. We’ll have someone from our committed staff accessible to talk to you. To the best of our ability, we will address your queries and worries with appropriate responses. We promise to provide you with top-notch services. is the URL.

5. Manufacturer Air Quality Engineering, Inc.

Air Purifier

o Online store

Minnesota, United States

o Overview of the Company

  • Physical address: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, 7140 Northland Drive North, USA Overview of the Manufacturer

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. is an American company that was established in 1973 and is based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. It produces filtration devices and air cleaning systems. The company’s product line includes mist collectors, welding and soldering fume extraction systems, cigarette smoke removers, exhaust and HEPA filters, and activated carbon filter media. Cigar and cigarette smoke is filtered using the company’s EverClear HEPA filtration technology. Both the household and business sectors use its goods. It is used in the metal cutting, polishing, grinding, and extrusion industries.

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